Hi Jean. This is Gareth just typing at random. I need to have a test blog post to play with so that I can format it and hopefully make it all a little bit more visually appealing. I went for a run today. It was exceptionally warm. I decided to take my little runners backpack with me that has a water bladder which i filled with ice cubes before putting the water in, that may have saved my life you know. I ran from Eddlewood to Quarter then down Sunnyside road and entered the Chatelhearault estate from the most wonderfully green tunnel made from arching trees. The smell of wild garlic is a delight for the nose and the Bluebell carpet is in full effect. Beauty at every turn. I had however, ran a 10k on Monday and as I’m still getting used to being active again I should maybe have waited another day before attempting a run. But I didn’t. I ran another 10k. I decided that instead of running from the main house back up towards Larkhall and Quarter I should just leave the estate by the main entrance at Fernegair and head back to Hamilton that way. I hit my 10k target just before the Avonbridge hotel so I had a lovely walk up through a beautifully sunny Silvertonhill, then through the woods I used to play in as a child, which I then exited yards from my house. I suppose I can force some restraint upon myself and stick to walks for the next couple of days before I throw myself into another attempt at 10k or longer. I am determined to increase my distance by hook or by crook. Let’s try adding in a wee picture.

Just another day in a snowy alpine paradise

And so, the picture thing is quite easy to do. If you see a little plus to the right after hitting return you can choose to add an image. I reckon it will be easier for you to log into the browser on your phone to do blog posts and type them from there, it should be simple enough for you to upload images into a post like this directly from your phones camera roll. This will also have the added bonus of you not having to email yourself images to your laptop. That Should do it for now.